Dr. Geck received his degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. In his practice, Dr. Geck focuses on finding the underlying causes to the chronic symptom patterns people deal with in their daily lives. Rather than treating one symptom at a time with drugs, his goal is to correct core metabolic imbalances that will resolve a host of symptoms, without side effects.

Dr. Geck finds that many people today are developing frustrating symptoms like stuffy nose and allergies in the spring; stomach pain, bloating, or constipation; trouble falling asleep or staying asleep; or they're tired during the day and can't focus on their work. Although they have tried several approaches, they still seem to be chasing their tail trying to find results.

Dr. Geck began studying in the Chiropractic field 10 years ago because he was one of those people. He was always tired, always had stuffy nose and a sore throat. He was determined to learn why these irritating symptoms wouldn't resolve themselves. He knew it was not normal for anyone to feel this way.

Dr. Geck studied, researched and sought out mentors. During his journey he discovered that there are underlying barriers to the healing process, and until they are corrected and removed, the body cannot heal itself properly. Once he had identified the barriers of his own symptoms, he was able to address them. He felt a huge difference in his daily life.

Dr. Geck does not want anyone to have to go as long as he did without feeling better. This is why, in his practice, he strives to offer quality Chiropractic care and educate the community about their health and wellness.